The Rhythm of Life

  • 10 August 2020
  • Author: Gillian
  • Number of views: 95

The Rhythm of Life is a new initiative to help each of us to grow as disciples (i.e. not only followers but people who want to learn). It has been designed to help us develop rhythms of life which fit our changing and challenging circumstances. Inspired by monastic rules of life, it encourages us to reflect on different aspects of ‘loving, living and learning’ and to make practical fixed-term commitments, aided by recommended resources.

Further details are set out in: . This is a new ‘Rhythm of Life’ page on the Diocesan Digital Learning Platform which Martin mentioned in his Message in March – when he wrote:

‘To enable us all to keep growing, our Diocese provides a Digital Learning Platform: please take the opportunity to visit . It features a wide range of topics and learning styles, with the Prayer and Spirituality and Lay Training sections specifically designed to help us grow in faith and in knowledge.’

In the coming weeks you will be hearing more about the Rhythm of Life, in sermons and elsewhere. As someone who reads daily a chapter from the “life-giving” Rule of St Benedict Martin wholeheartedly commends this new initiative.