We have a very active fundraising team at St Mary's Church.  The aim of the team is to provide plenty of social events and activties which It is hoped will be attractive to our wider community so that we can all get to know each other better.

So far we have held a WIne Tasting Evening, a walk or cycle round our benefice finishing with a BBQ on the rectory lawn, a time and talents evening, a variety of concerts including Forum and The Shiehallion Horn Trio.

We hope, in time, to hold a Fashion Show, a Walk Stroll and Toddle and so much more. Most recently we've held our first of what we think will be many Zoom Quiz evenings.  Great fun!

Always check our What's On Events page for information. 


200 CLUB

Every year we hold the 200 Club - an easy way to raise extra funds and for only £10 a chance each month to win the draw prize of £50.  You can hear more about it on our podcast site here.

200 Club members will soon be contacted by their collector BY TELEPHONE.

You will be asked if you wish to remain a member.

If you do, you will be given various payment options  - cash, cheque, direct bank transfer – and ways of sending it – electronically, post.

You will NOT be asked to leave your home. Your collector will NOT be asked to visit you.

Any subscriptions to be collected will be arranged in a way to keep EVERYONE safe.

The 200 Club is administered by Jonathan Roberts, 01609 881 216.