Friends of The Parish Church of St Mary The Virgin, Richmond Constitution August 2021


The name of the association is 'Friends of the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Richmond, North Yorkshire.'


1.        To co-operate with the Parochial Church Council in the preservation and adornment of the Parish Church of St Mary The Virgin, Richmond, North Yorkshire, and relevant beneficial organizations in the parish of Richmond with Hudswell.

2.       By assisting with the general upkeep and maintenance of the church, its activities and services, its ornaments, and furnishings, its history and its work, bind together in a common fellowship all those who love the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin. 

3.       To engage in charitable projects within the parish if agreed by a minimum of two members of the Executive Committee and 4 other members of the Association.


Membership is open to all in sympathy with its objects. Members are welcome to attend meetings of the association.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will include the Rector of the Parish Church, and three officers who are elected at each Annual General Meeting namely:

Honorary Chairman

Honorary Secretary

Honorary Treasurer

All matters concerning the organisation, business and finance will be decided by at least two members of Executive Committee and a minimum of 4 other members of the association.

Financial Year and Accounts

The Financial Year of the Association ends on 31 December, to which day the accounts of the association are balanced.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is held to which all members of the association are invited, and at which the annual accounts are presented by the honorary treasurer, and at which the officers of the association are elected. This meeting must be announced at least 21 days in advance.

At the Annual General Meeting the Honorary Auditor will be nominated for the following financial year end.

Meeting of the Association

Meetings of the association are held from time to time as determined by the committee.

Alteration of the Constitution

This constitution may only be altered at an Annual General Meeting of the association, by a two-thirds majority. No alteration can be made. which may result in the association ceasing to be established for exclusively charitable purposes.


The association may at any time be dissolved by a resolution supported by not less than a two thirds majority at a General Meeting, of which at least 21 days’ notice shall have been given to the members stating the purpose of the meeting. In the event of the association being dissolved any assets remaining after the payment of all outstanding debts and liabilities will be paid over to some other charitable Institution with similar objects or to the PCC of St Mary's Parish Church, Richmond, North Yorkshire.