Rector of the United Benefice of Richmond with Hudswell and Downholme and Marske

Revd Martin Fletcher

Tel: 01748 821241 

Mobile: 07762 440094 

E Mail: 






Assistant Curate of the United Benefice of Richmond with Hudswell and Downholme and Marske 

Revd Paul Sunderland

Tel: 07989 178196 

Address: 1 Wathcote Place, Richmond, DL10 7SR


Prayer Circle  

This is an opportunity for anyone to request prayer. No request is too great or too insignificant. Your request will be sent to a dedicated team of pastorally sensitive individuals who would be happy to add your prayer to their own.

Prayer Requests can be send to us by;

TEXT: 07394 907924.


IN CHURCH: Our Church is also open 7 days a week from 830am until late afternoon. In Church there is an area where you can light a candle and place a prayer card in a box which is checked daily. Our church buildings are places of peace: you are always welcome to come and rest a while in God’s presence.



Scott Lunn - 01748 826895 or 07521139838 (Richmond)

George Alderson - 07821328354 (Downholme and Marske)


Church Wardens (for Richmond): 

Jan Jack:  07725 574188

Peter Trewby:  01748 824468

Church Warden (for Downholme)

Jean Calvert: 01748 823001

Church Warden (for Marske)

Ruth Tindale: 01748 823371


Parish Administration, Pew Sheet, Church Bookings including Weddings and Baptisms: 

Claire Murray

Mobile: 07394947819 


Claire is available between the hours; 

Tuesday 9.00-15.00

Wednesday 11.30-15.30

Friday  13.00-15.00


Church Magazine

Magazine Editor: Jim Jack, Tel: 07754 283161  Email:

Magazine Distribution: Keith Robson, Tel: 07866 325843

Magazine Adverts: Jeanette Sunderland, Tel: 07812 109243   Email: