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Lent Book Club with Martin

Thursday Afternoon Lent Group meeting 2pm until 3:15pm every week through Lent. Starting 18th February 2021

Lent Book Club with Martin

Friends, All Are Welcome to our Lent Book Club.

Our group will gather on Zoom in the much-loved style of a ‘Book Club’ as we join together to take a journey through the very relevant book; ‘God on Mute’, by the acclaimed author Pete Greig. In order to engage fully with the talks and reflection you will need to purchase the book. To aid your search; ISBN 9780830780716. Please ensure you purchase the fully revised version which also includes a 40-day devotional. If you struggle finding the book, please let me know.

Grieg writes out of the pain of his wife’s fight for her life, but also the wonder of watching the prayer movement they founded changing lives around the world, he steps into the dark side of prayer and emerges with a hard-won message of hope, comfort, and profound biblical insight for all who suffer in silence.

Among the many questions and reflections that the book may throw up in light of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and against the backdrop of Christ’s journey through Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, the group will endeavour to grapple with such questions as;

How am I going to get through this? (Maundy Thursday)

Why aren’t my prayers being answered? (Good Friday)

Where is God when heaven is silent? (Holy Saturday)

We will also offer a safe space to chat and compare notes on our experience of the 40-day journey of prayer.

Please contact Martin for more details and the Zoom invite.

martin.fletcher@leeds.anglican.org  or tel: 01748 821241

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