You are ALL invited to a time of Prayer

Time, date and duration of your choosing

You are ALL invited to a time of Prayer

Looking out of the window as I consider what to post on our website and social media, it is dark, wet and very cold. Thankfully we don't have snow yet. 

I want to call you all to prayer, even you who may not have prayed before. Reading a book by our very own Bishop John Pritchard (Handbook of Christian Ministry, available from all good booksellers), I stumble upon a beautiful quote;

'Prayer is like sunbathing; we go out to sunbathe in the love of God...we can't turn up the heat of the sun any higher; we can only choose to lie in it or not. There may be clouds in the way at times (stuff happens) but the love of God for us is constant; we can't make God love us more, nor can we make him love us less.' (Pritchard. J. Handbook of Christian Ministry, 2020, Page 134)

I invite you ALL to turn away from the dark clouds, the cold wet weather and take a moment to bathe in the Love that God offers us through his Grace....Unconditional Love....

Offer prayer of; ‘Gratitude, wonder, regret and need. We all know what these feel like. Prayer is when we take these instincts and stretch them out intentionally in the direction of God. Then gratitude becomes thanksgiving, wonder becomes adoration, regret becomes confession, and responding to need becomes intercession’. (Page 133)

If you would like us to pray for you or someone you care about, Prayer Requests can be sent to our Prayer Circle by a number of means;

TEXT: 07394 907924.


IN CHURCH: Our Church will continue to open 7 days a week from 830am until late afternoon.

In Church there is an area where you can light a candle and place a prayer card in a box which is checked daily.

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