Help Christian Aid Build Hope this Christmas.

Help Christian Aid Build Hope this Christmas.

Please consider investing the money you would have spent on Christmas Cards. Invest in Hope!

St. Mary's Church are supporting the Christian Aid, Build hope this Christmas appeal because families around the world are facing crisis.

Please check out the link to the JustGiving Page here.

When the rains stopped in Kawite's village in Ethiopia, her and her daughters walked for five hours a day to collect water. Her family often went hungry and her children missed school. When the prolonged drought was becoming unbearable, Christian Aid and our local partner worked alongside the community to build a local pond, to provide safe, reliable water.

The community pond saves Kawite hours of precious time she can spend at home with her family, and the other support from Christian Aid's partner has empowered her to put food on the table and build a better future for her community, her children, and her baby on the way. She said 'The pond is not only for me. It has changed the life of this village.'

This Christmas we're building hope for more families still facing crisis. Your gift could restore a water source, provide seeds that grow in drought, or provide a platform to empower women.

Thank you.


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