The Parochial Church Council relies on the goodwill of its parishioners for its income.

This can be as cash put onto the collection plate during a service, by putting it in a Gift Aid envelope as part of regular planned giving, or by the use of a Standing Order from your bank.

For more information about the finances of the parish, please contact the Parish Treasurer, William Gedye on 07710 739192.

Tax-Efficient Giving

PCCs are legal charities and, as such, are exempt from income tax. The tax which has been paid on the money given by the congregation can be recovered from the Inland Revenue. The PCC prefers tax efficient giving. More information is available at

The church can provide you with an information pack, which contains information on planned giving, including a Gift Aid declaration form and a banks standing order form. Please pick one up from the back of church and once it is completed please give it to one of the Sides people, the Verger or Churchwardens to hand on to the Treasury team.

Keeping Up - Stewardship 2016

We launched the Stewardship Campaign at The Harvest Festival and have had a wonderful response from regular worshippers. From 168 letters sent out, 75 of you have responded and many have pledged to increase your regular giving. We aimed to build on the foundations set by the previous campaign and to increase our regular income to help us keep up with the costs of running the parish.  Your generosity means a net increase of 12% allowing for regular givers who have recently moved away or are no longer with us. 

We are confident that this will meet our day to day needs for the next few years.

We do recognise that some of you are finding life hard and have been unable to increase your giving, but we are grateful that you are still able to give on a regular basis. 

For those of you who have not yet replied - there is still time, we would love to hear from you and be reassured that you can pledge to keep up, or increase your regular giving.  We do need up to date Gift Aid forms from you all  to support our reclaiming of income tax.

The Stewardship Campaign will now continue each year, when we will be looking to harvest time, talents and ministry.  

William Gedye
PCC Treasurer
On Behalf of The Stewardship Committee