Richmond 2 Richmond Cycle Ride

the journey unfolds....with photos on the gallery

  • 30 July 2018
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Richmond 2 Richmond Cycle Ride

James (13) and Andrew (11) and their Dad Scott are cycling over 5 days from Richmond Surrey to Richmond Yorkshire in aid of The Butterwick Hospice.

This is their journey...(which you can see on the gallery)

Friday 3rd August - day five - after a good night's sleep for them all, and a great breakfast at the lovely Lennox family in York the boys headed for Sharow and Ripon. They arrived at Sharow to meet Bishop Helen Ann just as it started thundering and lightening (Scott described it as "biblical weather").  A great welcome and lunch then they met three cyclists who had come from Catterick and Richmond to cycle them home having read about what the boys were doing from social media.  Home via Grewelthorpe and Masham they arrived back at Richmond Station to have some well-earned ice cream and to be rung in by the bells at St Mary's.  The day finished with a BBQ at the Scraftons where Andrew fell asleep on the sofa!  It's not over yet however as Marcus is going to ride 30 miles in September.  A HUGE thank you to everyone for their love and prayers and support for Scott and the boys.  Do good, undo harm. #backingthebutterwick

Thursday 2nd August - Day four - after a hearty breakfast in Gainsborough the boys set off for York via Selby and the Yorkshire Cycle Solar path.  Stop off points included jam scone and cream in a cute tearoom and seeing an adder on the path in front of them (turned out it was dead).  Stop for the evening was York with the lovely Lennox family.  Day 5 tomorrow - which should see them home via Sharow and Ripon and into Richmond with the bells of St Mary's ringing them in.  Keep going boys!

Wednesday 1st August - Day three - the boys left Bourne Abbey well fed and loved and set off for Gainsborough.  It took a bit longer than they thought as Andrew is still recovering from a virus that started before they left on Sunday night.  However they're all determined and as well as celebrating Yorkshire Day they went via Lincoln Cathedral and ended up in Gainsborough where they met Gillian for the night.  Day four should be Gainsborough to York via Selby.  Keep going boys!

Tuesday 31st July - Day two - After a hearty breakfast at the Wranghams the boys left and headed for Bourne via Godmanchester and Peterborough Cathedral.  Andrew had a puncture but that was sorted quickly.  They are staying with the Pages in Bourne - Nick is the Reader at the church and Elizabeth the Diocesan President of the MU.  They'll sleep well tonight and day 3 they will head to Gainsborough.  

Monday 30th July - Day one - They arrived by sleeper into Euston, were met by their Uncles who gave them a hearty breakfast.  Train and cycle to Richmond Surrey and they were met by the Ministry Team at St Mary Magdalene Church who welcomed, blessed them and sent them on their way.  They have arrived at Royston and are staying with the Wrangham family (Jean Wrangham's stepson).  They have met huge kindness and love on the way.  Tomorrow - Tuesday 31st July will be Day two and is Royston to Bourne.  Do have a look at the photos on the gallery and share the good news.

Martin's sermon for Sunday 29th July 2018

at St Mary's Church Richmond

  • 30 July 2018
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Martin's sermon for Sunday 29th July 2018

You can read Martin's sermon here.

Barnsley Youth Choir (JOY)

Monday 6th August at 12.30-1.30pm at St Mary's Church

  • 29 July 2018
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Barnsley Youth Choir (JOY)

UPDATE - what an amazing concert with a fantastic atmosphere. Here's hoping they come back soon. We are so excited that the remarkable Barnsley Youth Choir, successful pop and Gospel singers in European competitions, are giving a one-off performance of their Edinburgh Festival Fringe show “Joy” in St Mary’s Church, Richmond on 6th August from 12.30 to 1.30pm


They are stopping off in Richmond to give their lunch-time concert on their way to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to share their Joy.

Richmond 2 Richmond Cycle Ride

for Butterwick Hospice

  • 26 July 2018
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Richmond 2 Richmond Cycle Ride

James (13) and Andrew Lunn (11), from our parish read about The Northern Echo’s campaign to support The Butterwick Hospice.

They have decided to raise funds by cycling from Richmond in Surrey to Richmond in Yorkshire in the first week of August 2018. A friend Marcus, also from Richmond School, has Cardio Facio Cutaneous Syndrome. He, therefore, rides an adapted tricycle and aims to ride 30 miles spread over the month of September and will join James and Andrew for the final mile into Richmond.

Scott is a Reader at St Mary's,  teaches at Richmond School, and all boys go to Richmond School, so have good community and school and church links and know people who have benefitted from the love and care of Butterwick Hospice.


After the Cards

Wednesday 1st August at 1.30pm in Greyfriars

  • 22 July 2018
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After the Cards

After the Cards is a very informal gathering of ladies and gentlemen who either recently or in the past have been touched by the death of a loved one. 

An opportunity to chat and share and help each other over coffee. 

Held at Greyfriars in the coffee shop at 1.30pm