This policy statement on Safeguarding in the Church was adopted by Richmond with Hudswell Parochial Church Council meeting on 20th March 2019.  

Each person who works within this church will agree to abide by these recommendations and the guidelines established by this church.  This church appoints Jan Jack as the Parish Safeguarding Officer.  

The application of this policy will be reviewed each year and a report provided by the Parish Safeguarding Officer to the PCC.

You can read the Promoting Safer Church Promoting Safer Church booklet here.  

Please see below for the policy and for a link to the Diocese of Leeds Safeguarding web page.

For clearer details please see this B&W version of above - 

Our Church wardens are David Frankton: 01748 823531 and Peter Trewby:  01748 824468


Safeguarding is everyone's business | The Diocese of Leeds, Church of England - link