It is the prayer of St Mary's Church that we can do all we can to support, listen to and love all in our parish whether members of our church or not.  

The Pastoral Team at St Mary's has recently been relaunched and as part of that we are introducing 2 things which we pray will be helpful. 

Firstly, we have introduced a "Visitor and Phone Call Request" form which will be available in church near the back.  This form can either be completed for yourself or on behalf of someone who you believe would appreciate a visit or a phone call from a member of the Pastoral Team.  There will be a box clearly marked at the back of church where you can put the slip.  Gillian will access the box and make initial contact, after which a member of the Pastoral Team will follow it up.  (If you are unable to complete the form because you are not in church, please telephone, text or email Gillian).

Secondly, we have launched a Prayer Circle at St Marys.  If you have something which you would appreciate prayer for, we would be privileged to do that, whether it is a tough week ahead, exams, coming to terms with bereavement, health issues, whatever you wish to share, in confidence, we will support you in prayer.

To ask for prayer you can either telephone, email or text Gillian and she will place your prayer in the circle.  Please be assured your requests are confidential, and no requests will be seen as too small, frivolous, or unimportant. It will be our privilege to support you in this special way. 

You can contact Gillian on Tel: 075 920 16476

or Email:


If you would like to be a praying member of the circle or a member of the Pastoral Team, Gillian would love to hear from you.