The Archbishops' call to Prayer for the Nation

The Archbishops' call to Prayer for the Nation

On Wednesday 4 November, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and Bishop of London called the Church of England to prayer for the nation throughout the month of November.

Our primary vocation as the Church of Jesus Christ to pray and to serve. We are in the faithful hands of the risen Christ who knows our weaknesses, tiredness and struggles and whose steadfast love endures for ever.


Attached is a Prayer Booklet to help you along. Daily resources can also be found on the Church of England Website here.


Prayer Requests can be sent to our Prayer Circle by a number of means;

TEXT: 07394 907924.


IN CHURCH: Our Church will continue to open 7 days a week from 830am until late afternoon.

In Church there is an area where you can light a candle and place a prayer card in a box which is checked daily.