Boiler appeal Winter 2019/20

  • 15 January 2020
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Boiler appeal Winter 2019/20

Not another appeal! Unfortunately, yes this is just what this is. We have to raise an estimated £4000 to make our heating system fit for purpose. Only one of our 3 boilers is working. We need all 3 working to heat the church during winter concerts and services. The boilers have been in place for 10 years + and are still perfectly serviceable but the pipework is Victorian and corrosive residue from the inside of the pipes is blocked pumps and valves. Some of the pipes have corroded right through (see photograph below) and need replacing completely.
To prevent future problems, we need to change our open heating system to a closed system with a pressure vessel which will enable the system to be primed with anticorrosives to prevent further corrosion and sludge accumulation.
Even with our one boiler on night and day (which it is at the moment) the temperature seldom gets above 13 °C. There is an additional domestic boiler at the back of the church which heats the choir vestry and the toilets – and these you may have noticed are very warm – but this boiler cannot hope to heat the church.
We have young children and frail elderly people who use the church and all of us have felt the cold. We want to increase the use of the church further for outside groups and we need to make sure the church is warm and welcoming not just metaphorically but also physically.
Donations, large and small will all be welcome. The Church’s funds are already stretched. We must go ahead with the boiler repairs now but to do this we will need to borrow money from our depleted church reserves which must be repaid. Donations can be made by cheque (please make out to Richmond with Hudswell PCC and mark Boiler Appeal on the back) or by using Internet banking (Richmond with Hudswell PCC sort code 40 – 38 – 19 A/C 50701793 referencing the donation Boiler Appeal). If you are eligible please Gift Aid your donation which increases the value by 25% at no cost to you.
Please help keep our church warm! If you have any queries about donations or the boilers themselves please don’t hesitate to contact Peter Trewby (07885) 347736, Graham Barber or David Frankton.
Thank you

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