UPDATE - What an amazing weekend!   


Many residents and hundreds of visitors to the town came through the doors during the Bank Holiday weekend from Friday to Saturday 4th-7th May. It was a splendid occasion with 55 creative exhibits on show. The Belles of St Mary's provided and served mouth watering refreshments throughout the whole weekend, the stewards kept a careful eye on everything and the mini-bells ringers helped young and old try out their skills and enjoy themselves.

It was a real joy that it took place right at the beginning of Martin's ministry here.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make the weekend such a success. 


The Exhibition Team


(To get a taste of just how fantastic the exhibition was and what an atmosphere there was do go and look at our gallery).


Chance meetings at the Community Exhibition


Among hundreds of visitors to the exhibition, Peter Harker, a Richmond resident, was interested in finding out more about William Harker, an ancestor and lead miner who married Mary Spedding in St Mary's Parish Church on 21st December 1766. The Harker family were from Upper Birkdale.  Peter Harker will be given information about his ancestors in due course.


Two visitors from South Africa, in Richmond for the weekend, came looking for the grave of their grandfather, Mr Pybus, whose chemist's shop was in Richmond about a century ago. They had no other details about him except that he died in the 1920s. St Mary's churchyard was closed in the late 1800s except for those with family graves so Mr Pybus would have been buried in the Reeth Road cemetery. The visitors  were given details of the cemetery keeper and chapel and how to get there. If further information is found they will receive it at a later date.



St Mary's will host its 8th Community Exhibition throughout the whole of the May Bank Holiday weekend, Friday 4th-Monday 7th May, the

very weekend that the Tour de Yorkshire sets off from Richmond Market Place.


Local residents, Organisations and Businesses are invited to use the title theme to  design and make an exhibit of their own design, small or large, imaginative or humorous, and give it a name.  All exhibits will be displayed in St Mary's.




Friday  4th May:   6.30pm.  Viewing with entertainment and a glass of wine.  (£5 at the door).


Saturday  5th & Monday 7th:  10am-4pm.

  Admission free.  Donations welcome.   Refreshments.  Belltower tours and activities.


Sunday  6th May:  12noon-4pm.

  Admission free.  Donations welcome.   Refreshments. 




Please phone or email exhibit title to: Tel:  07894668005  Email: