Dial-In 10am Sunday Live Communion services

  • 24 July 2020
  • Author: Gillian
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If you know someone who would like to join the 10am Zoom Live service on Sunday mornings then please give them these numbers - they will take them directly into the service.  The numbers will stay the same until advised differently.

This is a UK number.  

0131 460 1196

Meeting ID: 853 3603 7106

Password: 821818

Letter from Bishop Nick to all the parishes in our Diocese

  • 10 July 2020
  • Author: Gillian
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Letter from Bishop Nick to all the parishes in our Diocese

To all parishes in the Diocese of Leeds

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are living through challenging and extraordinary times. The church, committed to the real world and the communities in which we are set, has continued to worship and serve despite the restrictions. Given the nature of the virus, it will be some time before we emerge into something resembling ‘normality’. We have to be clear and honest about that.

Thank you for the remarkable ways you have continued to be the church … in the world … even if the buildings had to be closed for a long time. I want to say one or two things to encourage you, building on material you might have seen on the diocesan website or had passed to you from letters I have written to the clergy.

Inhabiting the Scriptures

Lockdown and our attempts to innovate ways of worshipping together have been experienced by many as a sort of ‘exile’. In the Old Testament prophets (such as Isaiah) we see people exiled to a strange land where nothing is familiar. All that shaped their life and worship had been stripped away. They lamented the loss of their familiar life (and what this said about God and them); they tried to come to terms with the present realities; and they then began to look forward to shaping a different future.

This time in our life enables us to re-read the biblical experience afresh – so much of the Bible was written by and for people whose normality was uncertainty and fragility. This also accords with the daily experience of most Christians around the world, including those in our link dioceses in Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania and Pakistan. Let’s not waste the opportunity to learn anew how to live with uncertainty, aware of our own limitations and fragility.

Being the church

The Church of England has a unique vocation in and for England: we are committed to particular places. We are called to pray for those in our parishes, to be the answer to our prayers when appropriate, to love and serve those in need, to care for the sick and to support those who mourn, and reach out with the good news of God’s grace. We have been doing all this – and will continue to do so into the future. We know we are not always strong, but God is and we trust in him … whatever comes our way.


We don’t know what the future church might look like in every place, but we do have a role in shaping it. There will be things we need to let go of and new ways of being that are being discovered or yet to be discovered. We will emerge at different paces over the coming months and care needs to be taken over how and when we open our buildings and hold onto the new forms we have learned recently. Church House is providing detailed and digested guidance at every step, but your archdeacon and area bishop are there to be consulted for any support as we move forward.

Encouragement and challenge

I mainly want to thank and encourage you. We will face big questions – nationally as well as in our diocese – about finance and buildings, threats and opportunities. But, as a diocese we are confident and well set up to face these. Indeed, we have been doing just this since our creation in April 2014; so, this isn’t a new challenge. You can be confident that we will deal with the challenges of the months ahead with confidence in God, confidence in the Gospel, confidence in our clergy and lay leaders, confidence in our unique vocation as a church to worship and serve God together.

So, be encouraged. Use the resources available to you in the diocese and parish. Pray simply and hop

Bishop John's latest book...

  • 29 June 2020
  • Author: Gillian
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Bishop John's latest book...

Bishop John has recently had a new book published called Handbook of Christian Ministry - for lay and ordained Christians.  He has very kindly dedicated it to all his friends at St Mary's Church.  He writes  "I want to pay tribute to friends at St Mary's Church Richmond...where it's now my pleasure to worship and share in ministry".

If you would like to buy his book for a reduced price of £10 then get in touch with him via email johnlpritchard@btinternet.com or call him on 01748 850854 and he can arrange how to get it to you. 

Easter Message from Martin

  • 11 April 2020
  • Author: Gillian
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Easter Message from Martin

Dear friends,

This comes with my very best wishes for Easter – and for Eastertide.

Just as Lent saw huge changes in the way we have had to do things, both as a church community and as members of the wider community, so we trust that the 50 days of Eastertide can see life return – towards a ‘new normal’.

We will all have been changed by the experiences of this public health crisis. So many lives and livelihoods have tragically been lost, but we have also seen that no one, no matter how deep their pain, need feel isolated. New local support networks have sprung up, priorities and perspectives have been reset, and new ways of being and doing have emerged. Amidst the suffering there has been transformation. As has been said, ‘to live is to change’, and this Easter our thanks to God for his gifts of life and of life renewed are more heartfelt than ever.

On behalf of us all, I am grateful to everyone who has been involved in maintaining and developing the life of our churches – in worship and in service – during this time.

Our website is now ‘bursting’ with resources, as are those of the Church of England and of our Diocese, and I hope you have been able to access and use them.

For Easter Day, I have recorded a video of an Easter Communion for us all, and Bishop John has recorded a podcast of his Easter sermon. We may not be able to gather together to celebrate, but these resources will offer us a chance still to worship together, in spirit and in truth.

They can downloaded from our website, from 8pm on Easter Eve: https://www.richmondhudswellparish.org.uk/Holy-Week-Easter

or, for the video: https://youtu.be/WrPLbwzBkSM

and the podcast: https://anchor.fm/st-marys-church-richmond/episodes/Easter-2020-A-Hard-Resurrection-eclc3q

With every blessing,


Holy Week Reflections

at St Mary's Church Online

  • 4 April 2020
  • Author: Gillian
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Holy Week Reflections

We may all be at home, but we can still "be church" and journey through Holy Week together. 

Holy Week reflections available on here and on our podcast site for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please look on our Holy Week and Easter Resources page here for the written reflections and links to the podcasts (spoken reflections). 

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day resources will be available later in the week.  

The Palm Sunday Passion Gospel is available on our podcast site via the Holy Week and Easter Resource page.