An invitation to our Interactive Choral Evensong

Sunday 8th September at 18:30 on Zoom

  • 08/11/2020 18:30 - 19:30
  • Author: Scott Lunn
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An invitation to our Interactive Choral Evensong

This forthcoming Sunday is Remembrance Sunday and we were due, amongst other things, to have a Choral Evensong at 18:30 with our robed choir.

Whilst it is not, for now, possible to meet for worship within our church building we are still running a Choral Evensong this Sunday on Zoom at 18:30.

This will use the interactive format we successfully used, twice, earlier this year.  There will be hymns, anthems, a psalm and responses for which we will use beautiful recordings.  The written score for the music will appear on the screen and so there is the option to sing along.  We will all be muted so everyone will only hear the recorded version!  There is, of course, the option of simply listening.

Prayers, Scott.