All Age Harvest at St Mary's Church

on Sunday 7th October at 10am

  • 30 September 2018
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All Age Harvest at St Mary's Church

UPDATE - Thank you to everyone who came to our service today.  People were very generous with their gifts of produce and money and the worship band from SFX led us so well in prayers and readings and music.  

All are welcome as we celebrate Harvest at St Mary's Church on Sunday 7th October at 10am.  The SFX School Worship Band will be leading our music and all donations of fresh and tinned produce will be donated to The Beacon at Catterick Garrison and gifts of money will go to Christian Aid.

Fun-Key Church @ St Mary's with Bishop Nick

on Sunday 30th September at 4pm

  • 26 September 2018
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Fun-Key Church @ St Mary's with Bishop Nick

UPDATE - Fantastic relaxed afternoon with Bishop Nick (our Diocesan Bishop) at Fun-Key Church. We looked at Psalm 19 and how amazing and wonderful God is to have created the world; at how we have rules and laws which if we are meant to follow but regardless of whether we do or we don't, whether we get it right or wrong we have a God who loves us and forgives us and we should praise him for it.
So, an afternoon of singing a song of praise with +Nick, looking at rules (using drain pipes and Jenga); tasting honey (and looking at combs in their hives); making fig roll bibles; bee pegs; honeycomb confessions......and so much more. OOOOH, and we made mitres too! And we celebrated Lucy's 8th birthday and her getting her choir surplice in the morning.
A fab afternoon and thanks to all who came and sung and drummed and worshipped etc etc etc  And thank you to the MU for the refreshments.  Photos on the gallery.

We look forward to welcoming Bishop Nick to Fun-Key Church @ St Mary's Richmond on Sunday 30th Sept at 4pm.  Activities and refreshments will be ready from 3.40pm, as will a warm welcome.

Very informal and relaxed this service is suitable for all ages. Crafts and activities, short talk, prayers, mitre-making, honey-tasting, bee peg-making, a tent prayer space and so much more.

The Band of the Royal Armoured Corps

at St Mary's Church at 7pm Friday 28th September

  • 25 September 2018
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The Band of the Royal Armoured Corps

The band are returning to St. Mary’s to perform another concert following January’s ‘The Rite of Spring’ spectacular and are delighted to return to familiar ground.  This concert will feature a selection of classical and modern works (from Sibelius to Bruckner to Whitacre) and hopefully a guest soloist as well as several other surprises along the way.  Safe to say, like last time, it will not be your stereotypical ‘military band concert’. The concert will start at 7pm and will last approximately 60-75 minutes max and as such there will not be an interval. As happened previously, the band will not be appearing in uniform. There is no charge for tickets for this concert. All donations are for the continuing Ministry and Mission of St. Mary’s Church. 







Cafe Church with John Dickinson

The PowerPoint

  • 24 September 2018
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If you would like to view the power point which went with John's very interesting talk at Cafe Church then the slides are available here.

Mothers Union afternoon - "come and meet Sian"

on Tuesday 25th September at 2pm

  • 19 September 2018
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Mothers Union afternoon - "come and meet Sian"

The Mothers Union are meeting at Susan's home (14 Pilmoor Close) on Tuesday 25th Sept at 2pm.  Sian Lawton will be their guest and they would love anyone to come along and enjoy tea, coffee and cake and enjoy getting to know Sian more.  It's also a great opportunity for Sian to meet lots of us.

You don't need to be a member to come along. All are welcome.